Scott Peterson

About Me


My name is Scott Peterson and I am a competitive athlete in both Olympic weightlifting and rugby, and Olympic weightlifting coach.


My journey in the gym started when I was just 13, doing squats and weight training for football. This fell off as I picked up rugby in high school, only to find myself taking weight training again more seriously in college to keep up with the competition in collegiate rugby at Michigan State University. This eventually led me to Olympic weightlifting in 2010 as I added it to my training to increase my performance on the rugby field. It quickly shifted from a training regimen to a deep passion and began competing as soon as possible.


Being fortunate enough to discover Bud Charniga’s gym nearby I began training there constantly and learning as much as I could. I came to learn the value of technique, speed, coordination, and balance in the sport of weightlifting and my numbers improved rapidly. After training for a year and a half I qualified for my first national meet in 2012. The next year I qualified for the National Championships in 2013 and took 9th in the 105kg weight class.


I continue to train and coach weightlifting in the Chicago area, learning as much as I can about weightlifting, physiology, nutrition, and maximizing performance of the human body to become the best lifter I can and do the same for my clients. When I’m not doing that I still actively compete at the Division I level in USA Rugby for the Chicago Griffins.


My current best Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and total are 142kg/170kg/312kg @ 100kg bodyweight and I own the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, and total records in the state of Michigan for the 105kg class at 135kg/160kg/295kg.